Site Updates

I am starting to see a lot more visitors to the blog than anticipated – this is GREAT news and I’m very happy to hear from people that they find it useful. You will notice a new look and feel to the site – something that is much cleaner in my opinion and easier to

Ecobee 3 Thermostat

The Ecobee 3 thermostat is a pretty neat thermostat.  I wanted to find something that was an improvement over my previous Honeywell wifi thermostat and integrated well with my ambitious Apple HomeKit plans. Ecobee makes several options and when I purchased this unit a few months ago, it was either the Ecobee 3 (which I

Apple HomeKit

I have been running some Zwave light switches in my house now for about 6 months, maybe longer.  The standard switches and dimmer switch (all from GE) for the most part worked.  I had some problems with the 3 way switches that were never resolved despite validating the wiring was correct and contacting the manufacturer.  The switches are connected

New Windows & Doors

It is no secret that replacing your windows and doors can improve the efficiency of a home.  Our windows were getting quite old and often had a lot of condensation in them especially during winter months.  The patio door had been replaced about a year ago from a local reputable company and we were very

Welcome to my new blog!

Welcome to my personal blog site!  My name is Paul Stewart and I live near Peterborough, Ontario in Canada.  Details on my professional life via LinkedIn: This blog is about all things not work related such as home automation and other hobbies until I get bored and move to something else 😉 I hope