Category: Home Improvements

Driveway Paving

One of the biggest investments you can make to improve your home’s curb appeal is a paved driveway.  For folks who live in the city, this is a pretty common of any home however I live in the country and for a long time the “norm” was gravel driveways. While considering options I looked at

Exterior Lighting – Walkway & Flood Lights

Exterior lighting on a house can really increase the attractive features of a home.   Lights are traditionally used to light a pathway for example but they can also accent trees, shrubs, gardens and driveways for example.  In my case I wanted to add a low level of light around the front walkway, some small

Exterior Lighting – Wall Sconces

To compliment our new doors and windows it seemed like a good time to replace our exterior lights on the house.  We really like the look of some of the modern outside lights especially wall sconces.  After quite a bit of searching around favourite retailers locally and online, we found some that really grabbed our

Home Office Renovation

I have the privilege of working from home quite often and as such believe that a comfortable and functional work environment is key to people’s success.  In our objective to renovate our house, the office became the one of the first places I started to focus on.  The room is a very nice size for

Kids Bedroom Renovation #1 – Loft Bed

For some time now, our youngest daughter has wanted a loft bed in her bedroom.  If you have not seen a loft bed before then there is one thing to note – they take up a huge amount of space but they have the benefit of creating additional usable space underneath them.  I had told

New Windows & Doors

It is no secret that replacing your windows and doors can improve the efficiency of a home.  Our windows were getting quite old and often had a lot of condensation in them especially during winter months.  The patio door had been replaced about a year ago from a local reputable company and we were very