Exterior Lighting – Wall Sconces

To compliment our new doors and windows it seemed like a good time to replace our exterior lights on the house.  We really like the look of some of the modern outside lights especially wall sconces.  After quite a bit of searching around favourite retailers locally and online, we found some that really grabbed our attention.  In total, five of them would be installed and the installation was quite straight forward.

When researching this style of lights I found a huge price variance between various retailers – anywhere from $40 upwards of $600 per light.  The different retailers carried models with different types of material (metal vs plastic) and of course there was different light bulbs involved (LED vs other).  The lights we chose were from Artika Lighting called Nightscape and believe them to be a good balance between budget and quality (time will tell of course).  These lights use two bulbs per fixture – one pointing upwards and one pointing downwards.  The package came with a pair of GU10 LED bulbs which put out equivalent of 50W each but actually draw less than 5W per bulb along with the added benefit of being dimmable.

Unfortunately I didn’t take pictures of the old lights but they were not in great shape and had been neglected for years, but happily grabbed a couple of pictures of the new lights and have to admit that I am impressed with their appearance and the amount of light they provide.  My next project is to add landscape lighting to compliment these new lights.




New Nightscape lights on front of garage as dusk approaches
Front of garage – complete darkness
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