Home Office Renovation

I have the privilege of working from home quite often and as such believe that a comfortable and functional work environment is key to people’s success.  In our objective to renovate our house, the office became the one of the first places I started to focus on.  The room is a very nice size for a home office environment at 16 x 12 feet giving lots of freedom around the layout.

The renovation was pretty typical in nature… strip the room down to the bare walls and floor, then paint and install new floor.  Along the way I installed new ceiling registers, outlets, light fixture, and Caseta dimmer switch (HomeKit compatible).  For the flooring, we chose to go with a 12mm premium quality laminate with a separately installed cork underlay for many similar reasons as described in our youngest daughters bedroom renovation.

This room took a couple of months to actually complete due to travel and other work related commitments however the actual hours to complete the room I would estimate at 20-25 hours (at least for me doing the work – a professional would likely be faster).



Entering office, temporary printer stand setup
Office looking towards washroom entrance and window
New light fixture and ceiling registers
Getting settled in with desk and computers setup – how just need that big screen TV!
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