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I have been running some Zwave light switches in my house now for about 6 months, maybe longer.  The standard switches and dimmer switch (all from GE) for the most part worked.  I had some problems with the 3 way switches that were never resolved despite validating the wiring was correct and contacting the manufacturer.  The switches are connected back to a VeraPlus controller which is a very stable system and if someone asked me about a good controller for Zwave then I would highly recommend it.

Over the past years I have heavily adopted Apple products.  This includes iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, MacBook Pro, and iMac for myself and iPhone/iPad for my kids and my wife.  I am absolutely very happy with my choice in adopting Apple so when I started to think further ahead about home automation, this was a logical place to explore.

After much reading and talking with folks, I have recently decided to start adopting Apple HomeKit as my new home automation standard.  It is a stable and perhaps a mature platform for me to build on with the only downside so far being a general lack of product selection compared to something like Zwave.  While iOS 10 has a lot of functionality currently and things work great, iOS 11 is due out sometime in September with a significant number of improvements planned for HomeKit.  Product vendors are starting to also pick up the pace with new stuff coming out more frequently especially given the more recent change in how vendors become HomeKit certified and there no longer being a requirement for a special chip in the hardware (vendors can now certify their devices through stringent software processes).

Keep checking back as I share my experiences with HomeKit!

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