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It is no secret that replacing your windows and doors can improve the efficiency of a home.  Our windows were getting quite old and often had a lot of condensation in them especially during winter months.  The patio door had been replaced about a year ago from a local reputable company and we were very pleased with the work that they had done for us.

After reaching out to the same local company back in May we decided it was time to get past the “sticker shock” on move on with what we wanted.  I was particularly interested to see how the doors would look based only on what a catalog had shown us.

Last week, the company came out to do the installation – 11 windows and 2 doors.  They (2 guys) started on Tuesday morning and finished around noon on Friday.

During the installation, I took lots of photos of the work they were doing.  I was very interested to see how they did the work for one thing, but most important was seeing the condition of the framing and anything else exposed through this process.  Much to my delight, everything supporting the doors and windows was in excellent condition making any “surprises” non-existent.  It was also clear to me that the two installers really knew what they were doing – something extremely important when investing a considerable amount of money into a project.

I was elegantly surprised and will admit, somewhat excited, when the doors were installed.  They look absolutely stunning and even better than the catalog pictures!  It was also nice to see the door hardware I had ordered was better than expected too.

There is nothing that gives a homeowner more pleasure in my opinion than upgrading their home and things going as smoothly as possible.  We all have friends or family that have hired someone to do work on their home and things have been less than stellar – thankfully this wasn’t one of those experiences for us!


Front Door
Family Room Window
Master Bedroom Window
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